Priya Communication has a few "FIRSTS" to its credit

# The 1st Electronic Graphic Animated Moving board in the east.
# The 1st and still the only agency to locally manufacture and install neon signs on some of the most prestigious government, financial and private buildings.
# The 1st to conceive, design and fabricate branded bus-shelters in Guwahati among the fastest growing cities of the East.

About Us

PRIYA COMMUNICATION considers itself a portal to advertising, promotion and communication, offering a one-window solution for all communication needs of people and organizations, big or small. We owe this to our team of dedicated hand-picked professionals designers, copywriters, media planners and event managers who have worked with the best in the advertising and PR world and share the same work ethic. With PRIYA COMMUNICATION clients have the opportunity of qualitatively improving their advertising and communication across media. Our credo Think out of the box. Position globally, act locally.

Our approach to work is fairly straightforward. It begins with sizing up the client’s requirement and conducting a perception study as a basis for formulating a comprehensive roll-out strategy . This covers image building through advertising, brand reinforcement, awareness building or public relations.

Priya Communication is a modest sized independently-run advertising agency headquartered in Guwahati with a spatial footprint covering the north-eastern region and a representative presence in all seven states. Set up in 2000 Priya Communication occupies a prime in the North East because of its considerable experience across sectors, its ingenuity and its ability to think. The PRIYA COMMUNICATION team is a close-knit group of young yet consummate professionals responsive to client’s needs and cost factors. We are sensitive to the culture and ethos of the region’s complex ethnicity yet up to speed in contemporary global trends in advertising and marketing.

At PRIYA COMMUNICATION, we don’t do different things. We just do things differently. Whether by dimension, location, design or media vehicle, all our branding stands out distinctly among the rest giving our clients a clear competitive advantage. Challenges, excite, stimulate and motivate us to push the envelope on our deliverables and we often urge our clients to take us with tough assignments.


Publicity, indoor, outdoor advertising, brand promotion, road shows, communication strategy development, exhibitions, media relations, corporate identity building, pavilion concept development 3-D modeling, Corporate film and presentation, Web Development and event management.
PRIYA COMMUNICATION’s strong rapport with the mass media helps boost clients image at the regional and national levels to achieve their corporate objectives. We organize press conferences and often arrange exclusive interviews in print and electronic media to address the target universe. We routinely organize junkets for media persons to clients project sites plants or factories.

Managing events is our forte. Be it the launch of a product, a charity gala, a seminar, symposium or workshop, conducting goodwill tours for outstation visitors, designing and building stalls at trade fairs or expos, organizing road shows, choreographing corporate functions, AGMs or generally promoting a show you have in mind , we ensure that any event we organize proves a resounding success.

If you think we fit into your larger brand plans for the Northeast do get in touch with us. Reach out. Connect. We’ll take care of the rest.